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Languages of the Dead

Last Thursday, outside the local Quiznos sandwich shop, radio tore my heart in two again. I was about to drive home with a belly full of French Dip goodness when I tuned in National Public Radio. Its brief elegy to … Continue reading

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Defining high definition

So what is high definition TV? Answers vary widely! My own standard would be an image that is at least 720 pixels high (preferably 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high) and is delivered at a reasonable bandwidth. While many … Continue reading

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TiVo Trials

Well, it didn’t take me long to re-invest the forthcoming year of monetary savings from cancelling cable television. Tuesday night I kept an appointment to sit down and watch a wonderful live high-definition transmission of a NOVA episode on broadcast … Continue reading

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I’m feeling Blu…

Well, I’m feeling a bit Blu, because Blu-Ray may well have won the format war for high-definition video discs. Why does that make me sad? Because I bought an HD-DVD player a couple of months ago so I could watch … Continue reading

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I Killed Cable

I cancelled my cable TV service today, only retaining the 5-MB internet service. No more HDTV via cable, no more digital cable TV, not even basic analog cable TV. I decided to stop wasting about $60 per month on such … Continue reading

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German Speed Hump

Those Germans are so inventive!

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