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Beware Broadband Ripoffs

My students would likely be shocked, but for years most Americans had only AT&T or “Ma Bell” for telephone service, and one thing the monopoly required was that you use only their telephones on the lines. And I mean that … Continue reading

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I Request Nothing Beyond Soft Corinthian Leather

You may be wondering why the MEADOR.ORG website took on a leatherbound look in late March of 2011 (as in a leather binder, silly, not sadomasochism). I’m reminded of how Ricardo Montalban used to market the “Corinthian leather” of the … Continue reading

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Arkansas Traveller

I spent the middle part of Spring Break travelling in Arkansas, prompting a colleague at work to send me this clip of The Happy Wanderer and I’ll add The Arkansas Traveller to the mix, since I revisited scenic spots near … Continue reading

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Apple: The Next Generation

This weekend I replaced both my original Apple TV and original Apple iPad with the second generation of both products. The next generation’s focus is on streaming content while being smaller and lighter. Four years ago I bought the Apple … Continue reading

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Natural Tunnel in Bennett Spring Hollow

On the first day of Spring Break 2011 I headed east to one of the oldest and largest state parks in Missouri, Bennett Spring. A larger and less photogenic sibling to Roaring River State Park, this one also features a … Continue reading

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99.44 Percent

Since 1882 the slogans for Ivory soap have been “It floats” and that it is “99 44/100% pure.” Regarding the latter, Harley Proctor had the soap sent out to college chemistry professors and laboratories for comparison to the popular Castile soaps … Continue reading

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