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For my breakfast this morning at Eggbert’s, I decided to opt out of the increasingly sparse print edition of the Tulsa World.  Instead, I took both my Kindle and my iPhone with me. After scanning the Tulsa World headlines on … Continue reading

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Kindle 2: Evolutionary, not Revolutionary

My Kindle 2 arrived today! I’ve only used it for a bit, but I thought I’d share my initial impressions of how it compares to my Kindle 1.  (My Canon digital camera was at work, so most of the photographs … Continue reading

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Kindle 2, where are you?

Amazon announced the Kindle 2 yesterday, and once I read the specs I hopped over to the piranha-infested place to put in my order.  Since I’m a happy owner of a Kindle 1, I get bumped up in the waiting … Continue reading

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Down the rabbit hole to find what came before

February 25, 2018 Faithful readers of this blog will know that my largest focus over the years has been on day hikes and related photography. But I also offer healthy if less popular dollops of technology, some home repairs (which are … Continue reading

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My 10th came 8 years after my 9th

September 9, 2017 I’ve finally replacing the 2009 desktop computer in my home office, which was my 9th home computer system since 1980. The old thing still has plenty of life in it, but it can’t run Windows 10, and … Continue reading

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