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For my breakfast this morning at Eggbert’s, I decided to opt out of the increasingly sparse print edition of the Tulsa World.  Instead, I took both my Kindle and my iPhone with me. After scanning the Tulsa World headlines on … Continue reading

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Kindle 2: Evolutionary, not Revolutionary

My Kindle 2 arrived today! I’ve only used it for a bit, but I thought I’d share my initial impressions of how it compares to my Kindle 1.  (My Canon digital camera was at work, so most of the photographs … Continue reading

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Kindle 2, where are you?

Amazon announced the Kindle 2 yesterday, and once I read the specs I hopped over to the piranha-infested place to put in my order.  Since I’m a happy owner of a Kindle 1, I get bumped up in the waiting … Continue reading

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iPads as televisions and a desktop computer DVR

December 23, 2018 I canceled my cable television subscription in early 2008. But, like most so-called cordcutters, I didn’t actually cut any cords. I retained what was then 5 megabit/second internet service over the same cable that had been providing television … Continue reading

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Time for a break

October 18-20, 2018 Mid-October’s Fall Break in Oklahoma doesn’t coincide with our autumn colors, which don’t peak until late October and November. But it is still well-timed for us school folks, as we are ready for a respite after completing … Continue reading

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