Granger’s Favorite iOS Apps

At home with my iPad

I’ve used an iPhone since 2008 and bought the first iPad model back in May 2010upgrading in 2011 and again in 2012 as they rapidly improved. By 2018 I was using a 7th-generation iPad and an iPhone X. I like to prop up my iPads with Zerochroma stands.

I’ve bought and installed hundreds of apps on my iPhones and iPads. Some are only used once or twice, some last awhile and then are discarded, but there are a few I regularly rely upon.

I mainly use my iPad to browse the web, read the news, watch podcasts, and watch YouTube videos.

Here are my favorite iOS apps as of early 2020:

My Dock

Safari, Apple Music, Gmail, Google Calendar, Dark Sky Weather



Other Frequently Used Apps

Travel Information

3 Responses to Granger’s Favorite iOS Apps

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  2. Ben says:

    Hey, Mr. Meador, if you’d ever be interested in writing for iPhone Life magazine, they’d love to have you! (I used to work there.)

  3. Vanessa says:

    thanks for the post!
    Have you tried Star Walk– amazing. It seems you’d be a Wolfram natural! Midnight HD is fun just for cool effects. I’m also working on Pages, to see if I can use the iPad to take notes at meetings. So far not much luck typing on the screen…

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