Granger’s Favorite Websites

Here are some of my favorite places to surf on the web:

  • Dark Roasted Blend offers a weekly list of fascinating links plus fun photos
  • Den of Geek serves the needs of those like me
  • Trailers From Hell offers commentaries on classic movie trailers by famous directors
  • bighappyfunhouse has a daily post of a random old photograph giving a fun peek into the past
  • Boing Boing has clever editors posting wonderful things
  • Engadget lets you see the latest in consumer technology
  • The Digital Bits keeps you up-to-date on the latest DVD and Blu-Ray movies
  • FFFOUND! has a stream of graphic images, some not safe for work
  • iLounge is the best resource for iPods and iPhones

Here are sites offering long-form text articles I like to read on my iPad:

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