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Updating our AV receiver

November 21, 2017 My previous post documented the new OLED television I purchased in October 2017 for $1,600. Since the television is actually one component of a basic home theater system, before completing that purchase I thought about what additional … Continue reading

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Oh, LED!

November 19, 2017 The Black Friday 2017 shopping season is almost here, and if you’re thinking about a new television, there’s one I can recommend based on recent experience. I splurged on a 55″ LG OLED television last month, which … Continue reading

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The Beautifully Sad Lana Del Rey

March 15, 2015 Oh yes, I remember. Carlotta, beautiful Carlotta, sad. It [the McKittrick Hotel] was hers. It was built for her many years ago…by…the name I do not remember, a rich man, powerful man. It is not an unusual … Continue reading

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Thankful for Quartz Mountain and the Wichitas

November 27-29, 2014 Warm and sunny days on Thanksgiving Break 2014 allowed Wendy and me to take short hikes around Baldy Point at Quartz Mountain and The Narrows in the Wichita Mountains in southwestern Oklahoma. On Thanksgiving Day we drove … Continue reading

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Old Media

September 20, 2013 This is the end Hold your breath and count to ten Feel the earth move and then Hear my heart burst again There’s still life in the old boy. The Skyfall Blu Ray disc sat beside the television … Continue reading

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Watching Hitchcock

December 20, 2012 Years ago I met the son of an English greengrocer: a corpulent, droll fellow known for murder and mayhem. I was probably vaguely aware of him through television, although his long-running show was not in reruns in … Continue reading

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Dunces, Emma and Nora, and The Woman in White

August 3, 2012 July in Joklahoma, and August for that matter, are not conducive to happy hiking. So this isn’t a post about yet another day hike with photos. I’ve been spending my summer break in the air conditioning, reading classics … Continue reading

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