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Climate controls

November 18, 2018 & UPDATED November 24, 2018 I’ve had climate on my mind this fall, since it played a role in three minor home improvement projects at Meador Manor. The workroom now has an exhaust fan, the faded portions … Continue reading

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A Revolution in Home Automation

November 3, 2018 We recently had a home automation revolution at Meador Manor, with Google Home devices vanquishing a number of Amazon Echo toys that had built up over the past two years. In the summer of 2016 Wendy gave … Continue reading

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A Manor for Two Meadors

April 5, 2016 The Manor That Is Not I’ve always referred to my abode in Bartlesville as┬áMeador Manor, but the name is simply alliterative fun, since my property is hardly a manor. A typical English medieval manor estate was 1,500 … Continue reading

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An Engagement Out West, Part 1: OKC, Weatherford, and Amarillo

This post begins a new era for the MEADOR.ORG blog. During our last big summer vacation in July 2015, I asked Wendy to marry me. She accepted, having waited years for me to pop the question, and we’ll be married … Continue reading

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Mr. Fix-It Covers the Gutters

January 31, 2015 I’ve been cleaning the old metal gutters on the eaves of Meador Manor for decades, clearing them regularly of the leaves, twigs, and catkins from the annoying River Birch tree the original owner planted in the front … Continue reading

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Mr. Fix-It Helps Make a Portable Dishwasher Permanent

February 2, 2014 I’ve written before of my attempts at home and car improvement, and in January I had two opportunities for such projects. I did one for the most part by myself, but the other was mostly done by … Continue reading

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A New Power Supply for Vector

February 1, 2014 I keep my desktop computers for extended periods, typically four to eight years. ┬áSo I buy high-end models that will last for a long time. But that means I must deal with typical fatigue failures. That is … Continue reading

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