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Bringing a new Harmony to our home theater

November 21, 2017 My purchase of a new OLED television and then a new AV receiver meant it was time to revisit the remote control situation at Meador Manor. And, as usual, that meant spending time and money on a new … Continue reading

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Updating our AV receiver

November 21, 2017 My previous post documented the new OLED television I purchased in October 2017 for $1,600. Since the television is actually one component of a basic home theater system, before completing that purchase I thought about what additional … Continue reading

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Oh, LED!

November 19, 2017 The Black Friday 2017 shopping season is almost here, and if you’re thinking about a new television, there’s one I can recommend based on recent experience. I splurged on a 55″ LG OLED television last month, which … Continue reading

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Instant Gratification

Every so often those of us who grew up in the analog era are struck by our new era of instant gratification thanks to digital technology and the internet. It is mind-boggling how much information, of good quality, is at … Continue reading

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Time for another installment of my HDTV saga. At the start of 2008 I cancelled my cable TV subscription and purchased a Tivo DVR so that I could watch and record over-the-air HDTV broadcasts on my 2003 30” CRT HDTV. … Continue reading

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One Set-Top Box to Rule Them All

Having fulfilled most of my hopes for couch surfing via tablet with their iPad, it was too much to hope that Apple would also solve the set-top box problem.  This week they announced their latest take on the Apple TV, … Continue reading

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Jonesing for a better TV…

The Harris Poll had some interesting HDTV statistics yesterday: Almost a year-and-a-half after Blu-Ray won the format war, 11% of US adults own HD-DVD players but only 7% own Blu-Ray players I own both, although my HD-DVD player is gathering … Continue reading

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