About Us

Granger and Wendy Meador work for Bartlesville Public Schools. Granger taught physics for 28 years at Bartlesville High School and since 2017 has led the district’s technology and communications efforts. Wendy taught special education classes at the high school for ten years. Since 2017 she has led its Student Technology Support Team as part of a student computing initiative.

This is their personal blog and outside the scope of their employment. Pleasantville, er, Bartlesville is a town of 36,000 less than an hour’s drive north of Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Granger moved to Bartlesville in 1989. Wendy was raised in northeast Texas and Okmulgee, Oklahoma; she came to Bartlesville in 2007. They started dating in 2013 and married in July 2016.

This website represents their personal interests:

  • Joint interests in travel, day hikes, and associated photography (the changing header images on the blog were all taken on their day hikes)
  • Wendy’s roses
  • Granger’s electronic technology – such as computers, cameras, and web design

Their joint personal email address is meador@meador.org, or you can email them individually at granger@meador.org or wendy@meador.org