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Demagogues and dopamine

December 15, 2017 In these trying times, I’m thinking of demagogues and dopamine. Back in my grade school days, we learned about civics and history. We saw how Father Coughlin and Senator Joseph McCarthy earlier in the 20th century had created needless strife … Continue reading

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Dealing with “Retirement” Courtesy of CableOne

March 13, 2013; THIS POST WAS FULLY UPDATED AND REVISED ON MARCH 28, 2013; UPDATED AGAIN 3/30/2013 I had a most unwelcome email message from my internet service provider in mid-March. CableOne wrote to tell me that they were “retiring” the … Continue reading

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Google and TANSTAAFL

July 4, 2012 Robert Heinlein popularized TANSTAAFL: There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, in The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. In another form: you get what you pay for. That is a lesson Google keeps teaching me as they have repeatedly invented … Continue reading

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My Dead Heroes Brought Back to Life

I am so grateful to Reid Gower. He’s in his mid-20s up in Victoria, Canada and he is busily bringing two of my dead heroes back to life. Reid is creating a fantastic series of short videos using the words of Carl … Continue reading

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Tracking Me Down

The press has been going on about how smart phones effectively transmit your movements when they upload information on cell tower locations, etc. Duh, that’s what happens with a smart phone. Far more interesting to me is that the controversy … Continue reading

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