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Beautiful glasswork in the service of science

If you have ever pressed a flower in a book or observed a diaphanous jellyfish, you can grasp the difficulty of preserving their fragile beauty for later study. This is the story of a Czech/German glassworker and his son who, … Continue reading

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Forgotten verses

June 22, 2018 In one of those dreams that returns from time to time, I wander through what is purportedly my house, discovering levels and wings that I either had forgotten about or long neglected. It is somewhat disappointing to … Continue reading

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Demagogues and dopamine

December 15, 2017 In these trying times, I’m thinking of demagogues and dopamine. Back in my grade school days, we learned about civics and history. We saw how Father Coughlin and Senator Joseph McCarthy earlier in the 20th century had created needless strife … Continue reading

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A Grand Adventure, Day 6: Winslow & Holbrook

TRIP DATE: June 14, 2017 | SLIDESHOW | PHOTO ALBUM After breakfast on Day 6, it was time to begin the homeward journey. We still had new sites to see in the days to come, including a hike at a … Continue reading

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A Grand Adventure, Day 5: To Desert View & Marble Canyon

TRIP DATE: June 13, 2017 | SLIDESHOW | PHOTO ALBUM We managed to get on the road earlier on Day 5, heading out at 8:30 a.m. to re-enter the park and head east on Desert View Drive for a series … Continue reading

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