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Bartlesville: A Mixture of Stability and Change

I began teaching in Bartlesville 22 years ago, moving here at age 23 for my first teaching position, one I’ve yet to relinquish. In many ways Bartlesville has changed little over those decades, but in other ways changes are quite … Continue reading

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Paying for Digital Ink

The ink-stained wretches must be paid. The shift of classified ads to craigslist and the lower revenues of online advertising make a free online newspaper unsustainable with the level of reporting I demand. I skim four papers each day: the Tulsa … Continue reading

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Remix and Mashup

Years ago I subscribed on YouTube to anything put out by New York filmmaker Kirby Ferguson. He has posted videos ranging from the Iron Man dance, to how movies overuse Trajan, to punchline piracy. Now Kirby has embarked on what will become … Continue reading

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Trying Trails

Blogger Harriet Gordon sent me a link to The 20 Hiking Trails Every American Hiker Must Try and I’m happily passing it on to you. Too bad none of these are near Oklahoma! The only one I’ve been on in … Continue reading

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91-year-old Superhero Grandma

How funtastic! A French photographer cheered up his 91-year-old grandmother by creating hilarious superhero photographs…of her!  

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