Humor Books



Several authors here have a long history of hilarious works, which have enough meat to last awhile, unlike Dave Barry, whose books are fun but not filling.

You can always see what I’ve been reading at GoodReads or LibraryThing.


Bill Bryson

Bill’s travelogues are hilarious.  I truly do laugh out loud when reading his work.  A Walk in the Woods is a classic.

Erma Bombeck

Her tales of young motherhood in suburbia in the 20th century are wry and fun.

David Sedaris

David made his mark with his hilarious tale of his job as Macy’s elf, SantaLand Diaries. You really need to buy the audio versions of his work, as his inimitable reading style helps the humor strike home. His semi-accurate autobiographical humor is self-deprecating as he shares tales of his early years in Raleigh, North Carolina and his many weird jobs, his homosexuality, and his life in France with his boyfriend, Hugh Hamrick.

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