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Mr. Fix-It Helps Make a Portable Dishwasher Permanent

February 2, 2014 I’ve written before of my attempts at home and car improvement, and in January I had two opportunities for such projects. I did one for the most part by myself, but the other was mostly done by … Continue reading

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A New Power Supply for Vector

February 1, 2014 I keep my desktop computers for extended periods, typically four to eight years.  So I buy high-end models that will last for a long time. But that means I must deal with typical fatigue failures. That is … Continue reading

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My search for a better light bulb

August 11, 2013 A bright blue flash and a POP! greeted me when I flipped the switch in the utility room this morning, followed by a dimmer light than normal. Yes, one of two 60 watt incandescent bulbs in the … Continue reading

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October in the Osage Hills

October 8, 2012 With highs only in the 50s, I was bound to be lured out on the trails this past weekend. I had some advance work to do in preparation of an inservice day next week, since I’ll be … Continue reading

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Mr. Fix-It Heats Up the Bathroom

March 1, 2012 This was the second winter in which my morning shower was preceded by increasingly vain attempts to get the bathroom heater to operate. My house was built in 1981 and the bathrooms are equipped with NuTone combination … Continue reading

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Modulating My Music: An alternative way to listen to an iPhone on an old car stereo

February 18, 2012 I love my 2001 Toyota Camry, the most reliable car I’ve ever owned. Its stereo includes both a CD player and cassette deck, and I made good use of the former for a few years and ran … Continue reading

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A Sinister Mr. Fix-It

For friends and colleagues I’ve always been the go-to guy for help with computers. I’ve written many training manuals and tip sheets, and after years of purely volunteer work I’m now paid a minimal annual stipend to help keep computers … Continue reading

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