Winter Break Trip 2013, Day 1: The Cliffs of Waco

December 26, 2013

Last week Wendy and I drove south through foggy and snowy fields and past the fog-shrouded skyscrapers in downtown Tulsa to spend Christmas with my folks in Oklahoma City. The next day we drove farther south, intending to spend a week in the warmer climes of Texas after a bout of snow and ice in Bartlesville which closed out the first semester of the school year.

The highlight of our first day in Texas was hiking along the cliffs above the Bosque River in Waco’s Cameron Park. The park is laced with various trails. We parked at Lover’s Leap and walked along the cliff face, 90 feet above the Bosque River, thankfully feeling no urge to take a leap.

Waco Cliffs (click image for slideshow)

Cameron Park Drive was closed for resurfacing, so we could not drive east to Emmons Cliff, so we walked along the road to view the river from there and took the short Drain Pipe bike trail on the return to Lover’s Leap.

Our vacation would begin in earnest the following day with long walks at Pedernales Falls and enjoying dinner with long-time friends in Austin. We would then spend four days in San Antonio before returning north to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Fort Worth.

Winter Break Trip to Texas

Click here for a slideshow from this day

Day 2: Pedernales Falls >

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